I expressly agree that the execution of the contract will begin before the cancellation period has expired. I am aware that I will lose my right of withdrawal from the beginning of the execution of the contract. This product is meant for me because I have full control over the execution of the contract and can therefore ensure that the product is produced according to my ideas and wishes.

Service / delivery:

getsoftwaretoday is in no way affiliated with Instagram, Facebook or any other partner.
It is your sole responsibility to comply with Instagram’s rules and the laws that apply to you.
You use getsoftwaretoday at your own risk.
We are not responsible for your actions and their consequences.
We are not responsible if your Instagram account gets banned for any reason.
We need your Instagram username to get the required information for the Instagram API.
We do not save your username, do not pass it on or give it to third parties.
You are in no way guaranteed the expected number of followers, likes and views.
We cannot guarantee the continued, uninterrupted or error-free functioning of the Services.
It is the sole responsibility of customers to ensure that their accounts are set to “public” while using the getsoftwaretoday service
Any downtime of the service in relation to a customer changing their profile to “private” will not result in a refund of payments for that period.
You agree that by purchasing our service, you clearly understand and agree what you are purchasing and will not file any fraudulent disputes through the payment processor.
We reserve the right to change, suspend or withdraw our Service or any part of it without notice and without any liability.
It is your sole responsibility to check whether the Terms have changed.

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